Ever WonderedWhat We Do?

Here we will explain the processes that we follow with all of our clients!

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Schedule of work first 6 months:

Keyword Identification

Upon placing your order, a consultant will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss the targeted keywords. We favour buying keywords which we can be sure to rank to page 1 on google within 3 months and rank 1 within 3-4 months as this is how you will get your return on investment!

Onsite optimisation

We may need to tweak a few bits of text including your meta data to ensure that the keywords are in the page we are trying to rank. This is essential but a quick and easy job. We also like to ensure at this point google analytics is installed and tracking conversions so we can show you what effect we will have on your traffic and sales!

Authority Building Time

Using our off-site marketing consultants to ensure your getting links from high quality relevant sites to ensure you have authority for us to target specific keywords in the coming months. Without this you will rise to the top and fall within weeks, we must build it up naturally.

Months 2-3

This is the exciting period for you the client, your rankings will rise steadily as we ensure we are promoting your site all over the web. Our guarantee is for page 1 rankings within 3 months so expect to see some strong gains!

Months 3-6

Our clients at this point are experiencing strong traffic gains and we start looking more commercially at their campaign to maximise their conversions as well as to make use of any other keywords we could be targeting. Clients often upgrade their packages within this period for us to really start to dominate their niches. We often find we have most keywords to the number 1 – 3 spots within this period so look to start looking at competitor analysis on what they might be doing to keep you ahead of them!

6 Months +

By this point we hope you consider us as your outsource online marketing partners and we continue to work with you to ensure you dominate your niche.