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Social Media is an emerging platform for businesses to be marketing and reaching out to the right people

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What is Social?

There are three main players in the social media realm; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media by its definition allows its users to socialise virtually and share and exchange views, pictures, videos and information. Social media has a huge following with over 1 billion active users on the face book platform alone it is a global sensation revolutionising the way we communicate. Not since the launch of internet has information flowed so freely and easily and from a multitude of trusted sources. For example a recommendation from your mum you may believe slightly more than a recommendation from google.

Could social media be the next big thing in SEO Terms?

Since inception Google have used one main method of determining a sites authority and that has been back links. The signs are that social media could have a huge impact in this area in the future though. Individuals endorsing sites quite clearly show that a site has value and it is in our opinion that it is only a matter of time until the search engines start taking this in to consideration. Google has put its social eggs into the google + basket and its a great place to start looking. Its fair to assume that Google will look to integrate this into its algorithms at some point as it is a google product.

So how do we get ready for this change?

There is no proof or leaks that social will be integrated into algorithms any time soon however its an important part of any companies online presence even in the present marketplace. We assist all our clients in ensuring their social is as comprehensive as possible including face book, twitter and google +. There is a huge value in having social media campaigns anyway and a well structured social media side to the business can quickly add value to any companies marketing strategy.