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The Attack Of ThePenguin 2.0:

What is Penguin?

The first penguin update caused a mass panic in the world of SEO, suddenly it wasn’t just about how many spammy links you could chuck at your site. Google had followed up on what it always said it would do and only counted links that were from good quality, relevant sites. There was no surprise for us in any of what happened, in fact most of the sites we manage benefited from the changes as their competition fell from the sky!

Penguin 2.0:

Penguin 2:0 was launched on the 22nd of may 2013 and this time everyone was ready for it. No surprises some sites got hit, especially in the adult arena as Google discounted links from Adult sites. We did see much more fluctuation this time around with a lot of industries bouncing around however after a few days everything settled down again. For us we noticed some more shady niches seemed to be hit with harsh penalties as you would expect from an update designed to go deeper into your link profiles. Not only were companies home pages targeted but subsequent pages deeper in the site. This eliminated a spamming technique that used internal pages to help boost the home page authority by spamming these hidden pages. Again this is nothing new and google always said it would penalise spammers!

Future Penguins:

There are no reports of future penguins but it would be fair to assume that google will continue along the same route and we can still see a lot of scope for improvement in the quality scoring of links and as such its fair to assume there will be future updates. With this in mind we at SEO Round continue to use white hat techniques on our clients SEO campaigns that should be future proof.